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Love Has Found Us Chords

Gateway Worship

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

Intro: Am F C C Am F Dm Verse 1: Am F Where can we run? Where can we hide? C G Is there a place that we can go where You cannot find us? Am F You're there when we fall, there when we rise, C Em7 F Nothing is hidden from Your face, You know ev'ry breath we take. Chorus: Am F Your love has found us, Your love has found us, C G We are Yours forever. Am F Your love has found us, it's all around us, C G Holding us together. [Repeat, but not 1st time] 1. Am F C Dm Am F C Dm [To v.2] Verse 2: Am F Nothing on earth, above or below, C G Nothing in all the universe can take us from Your love. Am F You came to us, made us Your own, C Em7 F You have redeemed us from the fall, You paid the ransom once for all. Bridge: F C We will sing because Your love has found us, G Am Even in the darkest nights. F C Gadd4 Sing, because Your love has set us free. [Repeat] To End: F2 Free.