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Majesty In A Manger Chords

Greg Sykes

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Original Key: Bb

Tempo: 82

Verse 1: G C G Oh, what mystery, oh, what a love, D C G from heaven to Bethlehem, lavished on us. G C G All who are searching, come follow the star; D C there in the stable – the hope of our hearts. Chorus: G Gsus4 G Come and see Christ the King, C G Em7 D His Majesty in a manger. G Gsus4 G Come, adore Christ the Lord, C G Em7 D His Majesty in a manger, C G D G His Majesty in a manger. Verse 2: G C G He is our ransom and He is our song. D C G Bow down before Him, Messiah has come! G C G All of our longing and all of our fear D C silenced forever, for Jesus is here. Mid section: C Em7 G/D D O come let us a - dore Him, C Em7 D the Son of God is here. C Em7 G/D D The Promised One, Mes - si - ah, C Em7 D G the Son of God is here, He is here.
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Bible References

  • - Luke 2:13
  • - Luke 2:14
  • - Isaiah 9:6

2016 Integrity's Praise! Music/Integrity's Alleluia! Music/The Rain Collective/Nordinary Music/Travis Ryan SESAC Publishing Designee/Rhyan Shirley Publishing