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Mercy From The Throne Chords

Nathan Fellingham

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: Em7 D/F# G You've granted perfect merit, C G D/F# Where there before had been none. Em7 D/F# G You have declared forgiveness C G D/F# For all the wrongs l have done. Am G/B Em So undeserving of this love, D C D C/E D/F# Jesus I am Yours for - e - ver. Chorus: G Dsus4 D Mercy from the throne Am Tells me I've been redeemed, Em Meeting my deepest need: D G Thank You Lord. Dsus4 D Grace that won't let go, Am Through Jesus' sacrifice, Em I am restored to life: D Am7 Am G/B C Thank You, Lord, [To end] G/B Csus2 Thank You, Lord. Verse 2: You sent Your Holy Spirit, Adopted me as Your child. A Father like no other, Your love not cheap or defiled. With grace so generous and so free, You have won my heart forever. Mid section: D/F# G G/B C No scheme or plan D/F# G G/B C Could ever stem the power of Your hand. D/F# G G/B C You chose me from before time began, Em Dsus4 D And now, secure in Christ I stand.