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Mightier Chords

Ben Cantelon

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Original Key: B

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: B There isn't a trial, isn't a trouble that You haven't overcome G#m There isn't a struggle, isn't a stronghold that You haven't already won F# C#m7 B There isn't a mountain, isn't an ocean You won't take on. Oh Chorus: F# You are stronger than wildest storm G#m Greater than the thunder's roar E B Forever mightier F# You are higher than the endless waves G#m Far above it all You reign E B Forever mightier Verse 2: B There is a whisper, and it's louder than the voice of fear that shouts G#m There is a promise, and it's truer than the weight of any doubt F# C#m7 There is an answer, there is an anchor I have found Bridge: F# G#m E Your name unrivaled stands alone F# G#m E My strength, my shield unshakeable Coda: F# G#m You are forever mightier E B You are forever mightier