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More And More Of You Chords

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
            Em7                D             C2
We have had enough, of getting everything we want;
            Em7         D                  C2
We are weary of, living this life just for us.
               G/B              C2                        D  Dsus4  D
Oh, forgive us of seeking Your hand and not and not Your face
              G/B                C2                D   Dsus4    D
Come and empty us, Father, we're desperate in this place.

      C2                         G
Holy Spirit, fill us with Your fire,
                Em7                     D   Dsus4   D
Give us Your desires, hold us close to You.
      C2                 G
Holy Spirit, give us revelation,
              Em7                       D   Dsus4    D
A healing visitation, nothing else will do.
           G/B       C2       D                Em7  G/B    C2   Em7   G/B    C2   
1. We want more and more and more and more of You.
           G/B       C2       D                Am   Em7   D   C  G  D   Am  Em7  D  C2   
2. We want more and more and more and more of You.

Verse 2:
               Em7          D              C2
You have given us, so much more than we deserve
            Em7        D             C2
You deliver us by the power of Your word
                 G/B                C2              D   Dsus4  D
God, we lift You up, giving You the honour that is Yours
                   G/B           C2                         D  Dsus4  D
Thank You for Your love, Father, this is what we're living for.

Am               Em7    D
O, the love that covers us,
C2              G   D
O, the Savior's mercy,
Am                Em7      D       C2
O, the blood that makes a spotless bride. [Repeat 3 times