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More Than Anything Chords

Corey Voss & Madison Street Worship

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 74

{Intro} D F#m7 Bm G2 D F#m7 Bm G2 D F#m7 Bm G2 D F#m7 Bm G96 {Verse 1} D F#m7 Bm G2 Maker of Heaven, You stepped into time D F#m7 Bm G96 To render salvation, You gave Your life for mine {Verse 2} D F#m7 Bm G2 King of all glory, surrendered Your throne D F#m7 Bm G96 To rescue this sinner and make this heart Your home {Chorus} Dadd4 Asus4 You are the Lover of my soul Em9 Gmaj7 You hold me close, You won't let go Dadd4 Asus4 All of my praise, My every song Em9 Gmaj9 Lord, You are worthy of it all [No repeat 1st time] {Verse 3} D F#m7 Bm G2 Father of healing, Spirit of hope D F#m7 Bm G96 Here in Your presence, Your mercy makes me whole [Repeat Chorus x2] {Interlude} D A Bm Em/G D F#m7 Bm Em/G {Bridge} D A Bm Em/G You don't owe me anything, still You give me everything D F#m7 Bm Em/G God, I owe You everything, I want You more than anything [Repeat x3] [Repeat Chorus x2] [Repeat Bridge x2]
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Bible References

  • - Psalms 146:6
  • - Revelation 5:12
  • - Psalms 63:3
  • - Ephesians 3:20

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