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More Than Enough Chords

Abby Merkel, Nico Perez | average from reviews

Original Key: D

Tempo: 146

Bm7   A/C#   D   Gmaj7   Bm7   A/C#   D   Gmaj7

{Verse 1}
Bm7                        A/C#
Glory, we want to see Your glory
                  D                         Gmaj7
The power of the true King reigning in this place
Bm7                   A/C#
Hungry, Jesus we are hungry
                 D                     Gmaj7
Turn Your face upon us, oh we long for You

A    D/F#    G     A    D/F#    G
Only You are able, only You can satisfy

D               G
Great in power, great in splendor
D/F#             G           A/C#    A
Great in wonder, more than enough
Bm7              G
Strong and able, true and faithful
D             G
Jesus Savior, more than enough

Bm7    A/C#    D    Gmaj7

{Verse 2}
Bm7                  A/C#
Broken, sinful and defeated
                 D                            Gmaj7
You restored and freed us and brought us into grace

Repeat Channel

Repeat Chorus

(Repeat as desired)
A      Bm7     D      G
                         You're more than enough

{Bridge 1}
(Repeat as desired)
     A               G
Only You break every chain
             Bm7                   D
Your love is strong enough, You're strong enough
     A             G
Only You wash away sin
              Bm7               D/F#
Your grace is deep enough, it's deep enough

{Bridge 2}
(Repeat as desired)
     A                G
Only You conquer the grave
         Bm7          D
You are alive in us, alive in us