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My God How Wonderful You Are Chords

Tom Eccleshall, Frederick William Faber,Nick Herbert | average from reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
   G                  C
My God, how wonderful You are, 
     G                C
Your majesty how bright.
    G                   C
How beautiful Your throne of grace 
   G/B                    C
In depths of burning light.

    G                       D/F# 
Howwonderful, how beautiful 
     G/B                C
The sight of You must be.
    G                        D/F# 
How wonderful, how beautiful, 
G/B            C
Perfect purity.

Verse 2: 
No earthly father loves like You, 
No mother half as mild. 
Such lovingkindness daily shown  
To me, Your precious child. 

My God, 
      D/A            Em    C
How wonderful You are.
My God, 
      D/A            Em    C
How wonderful You are.

Mid section:
D                Em7
Father of Jesus, love's great reward, 
     D/F#              Em7
What rapture will it be, 
D                   Em7
To kneel before Your throne in the heavens 
    D/F#                 C
And gaze and gaze on Thee.
How wonderful . . .