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My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less (My Hope) Chords

Matt Redman | average from reviews

Original Key: Bb

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
Gm            Dm7/G    Gm           Bb
   My hope is built      on nothing less
Gm             Dm        Eb
   Than Jesus' blood and righteousness.
Gm             Dm7/G    Gm             Bb
   I dare not trust       the sweetest frame,
Gm            Dm      Eb         D   D7
   But wholly live on Jesus' name.

Csus2                        Bm
   When the mountains are falling,
When the waters are rising,
G                     D
I shall be safe in You.
Csus2                           Bm
        Though the nations are quaking,
Every kingdom be shaken;
Gm                      Dsus4    D
Still I will rest in You.    (In You.)
[1.] to Verse 2
[2.] Repeat Chorus
[3.] to Ending

Verse 2:
Gm               Dm7/G    Gm             Bb
   When darkness seems      to hide Your face,
Gm           Dm     Eb
   I rest on Your unchanging grace.
Gm          Dm7/G    Gm           Bb
   In every high       and stormy gale,
Gm           Dm        Eb           D   D7
   My anchor holds within the veil.    [to Chorus]

 Gm  Dm7/G  Gm Bb Gm Dm/F  Eb/ D D7