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My Jesus Chords

Nathan Jess

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
G                                 D
There is none to save my fleeting soul
G                                 D
But the love of One who leads me home. [To Chorus 1, 2]

    Chorus 1:
    G                               D/F#
       My desp'rate heart has found     the King of love come down,
    Bm                                Asus4  A    Asus4    A
       The sweetest name to sound, my Je -  sus.

    Chorus 2:
    G                         D/F#
       There is no other plea,     You came and rescued me,
    Bm                          Asus4  A    Asus4    A
       My song will ever be, my Je -  sus.

    Chorus 3:
    G                              D/F#
       When winds rage fast at sea,     my soul will know this peace,
    Bm                                  Asus4  A    Asus4    A
       There's One who cares for me, my Je -  sus.

    Chorus 4:
    G                                 D/F#
       Against these storms I'll sail,     my journey cannot fail,
    Bm                                        Asus4  A    Asus4    A
       'Cause with Him they won't prevail, my Je -  sus.

Verse 2:
G                              D
I will cling to this unending hope
G                            D
Of my Jesus' love of this I know. [To Chorus 1 - 4]

Mid Section:
Em7                     G                                Bm
   I'm overcome by love   that came to banish death's disease,
Oh, death has met defeat.
Em7                     G                                Bm
   I will no longer fear  for death was laid to rest at sea,
Oh, death has met defeat.

   G         D/F#
My Jesus, my Jesus,
   Bm         A
My Jesus, my Jesus.  [Repeat]
My Jesus.