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New Wine Worship

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

Intro: C Dm Am Fmaj7 [Repeat] Verse: C Em My Jesus, You are the rock Am Fmaj7 On which my feet, will always stand. C Em I choose to place every hope, Am Fmaj7 All of my fears, into Your hands. Pre - Chorus: Dm Let me hear You say again, that I am Yours, C That You are here. F Dm Stay close by forever, leading on, C Guiding me. Chorus: F C Gsus4 C/E F I love You Lord, I worship and adore, C Gsus4G The One who first loved me. F C Gsus4 C/E F I love You Lord, I bow to You alone, C Gsus4 G And worship at Your feet. C Dm Am Fmaj7 Oh my Je - sus; C Dm Am Fmaj7 C Oh my Je - sus; [Last time, to end] [To Pre - Chorus, Chorus]
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Bible References

  • - Exodus 33:21
  • - Micah 7:9
  • - Psalms 18:2
  • - Psalms 119:94
  • - Psalms 16:7
  • - Psalms 73:24

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