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Bright City

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 90

{Intro} F Am G C F Am G C {Verse 1} C G Faithful Shepherd feed me F Am G In the pastures green C G And Faithful Shepherd lead me F G C Where Thy steps are seen C G Hold me fast and guide me F Am G In the narrow way C G And so with Thee beside me F G C I shall never stray {Chorus} F Am G Father, let this be my pray'r C To follow You alone F Am G Father, let this be my pray'r C Until You call me home {Verse 2} C G Daily bring me nearer F Am G To the heavínly shore C Em And make my faith grow clearer F G C And may I love You more C G Hallow evíry pleasure F Am G Evíry gift and pain C G And be Thyself my treasure F G C Although none else I gain Repeat Chorus: [x2] {Instrumental} F Am G C C/E F Am G C Repeat Chorus: [x2]


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