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My Prayer For You Chords

Michael Farren, Jessica Campbell | average from reviews

Original Key: Eb

Tempo: 71

Eb   Gm7

{Verse 1}
      Eb                                Gm
For anyone who’s prayed thousand prayers
      Eb				Gm
And still can’t find the answer anywhere
 Abmaj7		   		      Abm6
Fighting off the lie that no one cares

{Verse 2}
      Eb			      Gm
For anyone who’s out there losing hope
  Eb				  Gm
Feeling you’re forsaken and alone
 Abmaj7					 Abm6
Clinging to the last strands of your rope

   May God give you eyes to see 
   He’s still greater
     Cm				     Ab
   Courage to rise and believe He’s able
   May God be your peace in the fire 
            Bb           Ab
   You’re walking through
   This is my prayer now
   Abm6                     Eb   Gm
   This is my prayer for you

{Verse 3}
    Eb					   Gm
For all of those with tired and weary souls 
     Eb					Gm
But still have faith to ask for miracles
 Abmaj7				   Abm6
Choosing to believe He’s in control

[Repeat Chorus]

{Mid section}
Cm		      Cm/Bb	 
May your eyes be ever on the Lord 
F/A	   Fm/Ab
Your helper
Cm			  Cm/Bb	
May you find your refuge in the Lord 
F/A	   Fm/Ab 
Your shelter
Cm	          	 Cm/Bb	   
May you find Him closer than a brother 
F/A          Ab
All your days
All of your days

[Repeat Chorus]

Gm   Abmaj7   Abm6   Eb