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My Prayer For You Chords

Alisa Turner

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Original Key: Eb

Tempo: 71

{Intro} Eb Gm7 {Verse 1} Eb Gm For anyone who’s prayed thousand prayers Eb Gm And still can’t find the answer anywhere Abmaj7 Abm6 Fighting off the lie that no one cares {Verse 2} Eb Gm For anyone who’s out there losing hope Eb Gm Feeling you’re forsaken and alone Abmaj7 Abm6 Clinging to the last strands of your rope {Chorus} Eb May God give you eyes to see Gm He’s still greater Cm Ab Courage to rise and believe He’s able Eb/G May God be your peace in the fire Bb Ab You’re walking through Ab This is my prayer now Abm6 Eb Gm This is my prayer for you {Verse 3} Eb Gm For all of those with tired and weary souls Eb Gm But still have faith to ask for miracles Abmaj7 Abm6 Choosing to believe He’s in control [Repeat Chorus] {Mid section} Cm Cm/Bb May your eyes be ever on the Lord F/A Fm/Ab Your helper Cm Cm/Bb May you find your refuge in the Lord F/A Fm/Ab Your shelter Cm Cm/Bb May you find Him closer than a brother F/A Ab All your days Abm6 All of your days [Repeat Chorus] {Outro} Gm Abmaj7 Abm6 Eb
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    Bible References

    • - Psalms 145:3
    • - 1 John 3:20
    • - Luke 19:42
    • - Philippians 1:9

    2017 Integrity's Alleluia! Music, Farren Love & War, Watermamma Music