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My Soul Is Complete Chords

Phil Shaw | average from reviews

Original Key: A

Tempo: 107

Verse 1:
A                  D
    Father of everlasting grace,
A                      D
    Be my comfort in this broken place.
A                        D                F#m        D
    I'll rest upon the perfect love in You,   in You.

Verse 2:
Faithful Lord, You never change;
When all is lost, You remain.
Saviour, all my hope is found in You,
In You.

   A              E/G#   A/C#      D  E
My soul is complete   in Jesus, in Jesus.
     F#m                E/G#     A
Your grace and Your truth   have made a way,
          D                  A   Dsus2    A    Dsus2
1.    And now I'm free in You.
          D                 A
2.    And now I'm free in You, I'm free in You.

Verse 3:
King of glory, be lifted high;
I'll worship You with my whole life.
Fill my heart with a joy that's foun in You,
In You.

Mid section:
F#m                     E/G#
   With hands held high,
                 A                D
I'll live my life   to worship You:
             F#m           E/G#
Be glorified. [Repeat] [2.]

D       E          D   Dadd4   D(no3rd)
Now I'm free in You.  [ad lib]