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My Soul Magnifies The Lord Chords

Chris Tomlin | average from reviews

Original Key: D

Tempo: 110

{Verse 1}
D                          G2
Good news of great joy for ev'ry woman, ev'ry man
D                             G2
This will be a sign to you: a baby born in Bethlehem
A                             G
Come and worship, do not be afraid

{Verse 2}
D                     G2
A company of angels, 'Glory in the highest!' 
    D                          G2
And on the earth,  peace among those on whom His favour rests
A                             G
Come and worship, do not be afraid

   D                            A
My soul, my soul magnifies the Lord
My soul magnifies the Lord 
He has done great things for me, great things for me

{Verse 3}
D                          G2
Unto you, a child is born, unto us, a Son is giv'n
Let ev'ry heart prepare His throne; 
And let ev'ry nation under heav'n
A                             G
Come and worship, do not be afraid

Repeat Chorus: [x2]

{Mid Section}
Of His government there will be no end, 
He'll establish it with His righteousness. 
And He shall reign on David's throne, 
And His name shall be from this day on: 
  D/A                  G     D/F#           G
Wonderful, Counsellor,       Everlasting Father
  D/A                  Em7     
Wonderful, Counsellor,     and His name shall be: 
D/F#           G
Everlasting Father. Oh, yeah! 

D   G   D   G

[Repeat Chorus x2]

          G                           D
Oh, yeah!    He has done great things  
              G          D
He has done great things  


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