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Noel Chords

Chris Tomlin

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Original Key: Db

Tempo: 69

{Verse 1} Bbm Love incarnate, love divine Bbm Star and angels gave the sign Bbm Bow to babe on bended knee Bbm The Saviour of humanity Gbmaj7 Unto us a Child is born Ebm7 He shall reign forevermore {Chorus} Dbm7 Bbm7 Noel, Noel! Gb2 Dbm7 Come and see what God has done! Bbm7 Noel, Noel! Gb2 Dbm7 The story of amazing love! Abadd4 Ebm7 Gbmaj9 The light of the world given for us. Noel {Verse 2} Bbm7 Son of God and Son of man Bbm7 There before the world began Bbm7 Born to suffer, born to save Bbm7 Ab/C Db Db/F Born to raise us from the grave Gbmaj7 Fm Christ, the everlasting Lord Ebmaj7 He shall reign forevermore [Repeat Chorus] {Instrumental} Bbm7 Db Gbmaj7 Ab Bbm7 Db Gbmaj7 [Repeat Chorus]


Bible References

  • - Isaiah 9:6
  • - John 8:12
  • - Psalms 66:5

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