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Not Ashamed Chords

Ben Cantelon, Nick Herbert | average from reviews

Original Key: E

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
         A        C#m            B
We're not  ashamed    of the One we love;
             E/G#                                A
There's a King  of love who takes away our shame.
                 C#m          B
The cross of Christ  is our victory;
The Saviour set  us free, 
                        A    B
The Saviour, He's alive.

A           B          C#m
  Oh no, we won't stay silent, 
A                             B         C#m
  We'll shout it out from the rooftops, singing: 
A                          B     C#m      E        B
  We're not ashamed, we're not ashamed of You, Jesus.
A       B   C#m      E   B   A  
  Whoa, whoah. [3x]

Verse 2:       
No turning back, now to live for You;
And tell the world it's true - You're the one and only way.
No backing down, let the streets resound:
Sing it louder now for all the earth to hear.

Chorus 2: 
The time is now or never
To tell the world You're the only Saviour.
We're not ashamed, not ashamed of You, Jesus.