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ICF Worship

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Original Key: E

Tempo: 64

{Intro} F#m A E B F#m A E B {Verse} F#m A It's not about my feelings E B Or if I sense Your presence F#m A Not about emotions E B Or if I feel like dancing F#m A I will not be waiting E B Until I feel like praising F#m A But I will sing my soul E B Into Your holy presence {Chorus} F#m A I want You, I need You E B My heart abandoned, here I stand F#m A I’ll sing to You E B And worship You until the end {Link} F#m A E B Repeat Verse: Repeat Chorus [x2] {Link} F#m A E B {Instrumental} F#m A E B F#m A E B {Bridge} (Building) F#m A E B You loved me, before I even knew of You F#m A E B And You call me, to worship You in ev‘rything [x4] {Tag - Repeat as desired - with ad libs} A2 E2 C#m7 B