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Nothing is too much to ask Chords

Mike Pilavachi, Matt Redman | average from reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
Am                          G/B
Nothing  is  too  much  to  ask 
C                              Dsus4   D2
Now  that  I  have  said  I'm  Yours. 
Am                           G/B
Jesus  take  the  whole  of  me, 
C         D2sus4    D2

Verse 2:
Am                       G/B
Jesus  take  me  deeper  now 
C                            Dsus4   D2
That  I  might  go  further  too. 
Am                              G/B
I've  received  so  much  from  You, 
C         D2sus4    D2

Verse 3:
Am                            G/B
I  was  made  to  love  You,  Lord, 
C                           Dsus4   D2
I  was  saved  to  worship  You, 
Am                         G/B
You  will  be  the  focus  of 
C          D2sus4   D2
     All  eternity.