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O For A Closer Walk With God Chords

Stuart Townend/Keith Getty | 4 average from 2 reviews

Original Key: Eb

Tempo: 99

Verse 1:
  Eb           Eb/G       Ab
O for a closer walk with  God,
  Bb       Cm         Ab   Bb
A calm and heav'n  -  ly   frame,
  Eb               Eb/G    Ab
A light to shine upon the  road
               Eb    Ebsus4    Eb
Leading to the Lamb.     [to Verse 2]

Verse 2:
      Eb             Eb/G    Ab
Where is that blessedness I  knew
     Bb      Cm    Ab   Bb
When first I saw   the  Lord?
      Eb           Eb/G       Ab
Where is that soul-refreshing view
                 Eb   Ebsus4    Eb
Of Jesus and His word?         [To Chorus]

  Bb/D              Ab/C     Bb/D
O Fire of God, come burn in  me;
  Eb/G       Ab      Bb
Renew a holy pas  -  sion,
     Bb/D              Ab/C     Bb/D  Bb
Till Christ my deepest longing  be,
   Eb/G          Ab       Bb
My never-failing foun  -  tain,
   Cm            Bb7      Eb
My never-failing foun  -  tain.

Verse 3:
     Eb               Eb/G    Ab
What peaceful hours I once  enjoyed,
    Bb        Cm      Ab   Bb
How sweet the mem  - 'ry   still!
    Eb                Eb/G    Ab
But they have left an aching  void
                    Eb    Ebsus4   Eb
The world can never fill.         [to Chorus]

Verse 4:
    Eb           Eb/G    Ab
The dearest idol I have  known,
     Bb       Cm      Ab  Bb
Whate'er that id   -  ol  be,
Eb              Eb/G      Ab
Help me tear it from Thy  throne,
                 Eb    Ebsus4    Eb
And worship only Thee.        [to Verse 5]

Verse 5:
   Eb               Eb/G        Ab
So shall my walk be close with  God,
     Bb    Cm    Ab   Bb
Calm and serene  my   frame;
   Eb                Eb/G      Ab
So purer light shall mark the  road
                     Eb   Ebsus4   Eb
That leads me to the Lamb.   [to Chorus]