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Casey J

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Original Key: Db

Tempo: 84

{Intro} Dbmaj7 Bbm Ab/C Db Db/F Ebm Db Ab/C Bbm Ab {Verse 1} Bbm7 Gb2 One word the angels choose to sing Bbm7 Ebm Db Ab2/C One word they cry out o - ver again {Chorus 1} Ab2 Ab/Gb Db/F Db/Cb Gbmaj7 Holy, ho - ly Fm Ebm7 Db2/F Ebm Ab They cry ho - ly, ho - ly Db Ab/C Db Abm/Cb Gb Just one word, holy, holy Gbmaj7 Ebm9 Ab2 They cry, holy, holy {Verse 2} Bbm7 Gb2 They have access to ev'ry word Bbm7 Ebm Db righteous and mighty, awe - some Ab/C He deserves... (Yet they sing) {Chorus 2} Ab Ab/Gb Db/F Gb Holy, ho - ly Ebm9 Ab They cry holy, ho - ly Db Ab/C Ab/Gb Db/F Db7/Cb Gb Can you hear them? Holy, ho - ly Gbmaj7 Ebm9 Absus9 They cry, holy, holy {Bridge} Ebm9 Bbm They join with one intention Ab Just one heart they're trying to impress Db/F Gbmaj7 Bbm So with one word of worship Ab Db 1.2.3.With one voice, they address (They join with...) [Rpt x3] Ab 4. We address our Savior. Singing... {Interlude} Ab Ab/C Db Now we join with the angels. Sing - ing Ab Ab/C Db With one word of worship. Sing - ing [Repeat] {Chorus 3} Ab Db/F Gb Holy, holy Gbmaj7 Ebm7 Ab They cry holy, ho - ly Ab/Gb Db/F Gb (Now we're singing)Holy, ho - ly Ebm9 A Holy, ho - ly {Interlude} Ab Ab/C Db Ab Now we join with the angels. (We join with the angels) Ab Ab/C Db One word of worship. Sing - ing [Repeat] {Tag} Ab Ab/C Ab Ab/C Db Holy, ho - ly, holy (Sing - ing) [Repeat]


Bible References

  • - Isaiah 6:3
  • - Revelation 4:8

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