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Our Father In Heaven Chords

Keith Routledge

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Original Key: Gb

Tempo: 0

Our Father In Heaven Keith Routledge Db/Eb Ebm Db/Eb Ebm Our Father in hea - ven Cb Dbsus Db Gbsus Gb Hallowed be Your name Bbm/F Db/Eb Ebm Db Ebm7/Db Your king - dom come Your will be done Cb Db Gbsus Gb On earth as in heaven D/E Em D/E Em Give us today our daily bread C C/G D7 Gsus G Forgive us our sins Bm/E Em D G/D Cmaj7 As we forgive those who sin against us Am D/F# Gsus G Save us from the time of trial Em D C/D Bsus B And deliver us from e - vil G/D C/G G C/G F/C Dm Csus2 G/B Csus C For the kingdom, the power, and the glo - ry are Yours G/D Am G/A G/D Am F G Csus C Now and for - e - ver, a - men