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Our God forever (God of miracles) Chords

Nick Herbert

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: G C Our God forever, G C G We remember all You've done; C Every victory G C Em When You came through for us. D/F# G C You're in our history, Em D/F# C Gsus4 G Em Gsus4 Em You know our every need. Verse 2: Strong and faithful, And You inspire songs of praise. Always working, You're moving in this place. There's nothing You can't do, No heart too far from You. D We believe that You're the Chorus: G God of miracles, the God of miracles, C2 You hear every prayer; Em God of promises, the God of promises, C C2 D G You're faithful to the end: we trust You. [Repeat] Mid section: Em D/F# C2 And You brought us safe this far, Em D/F# G And You'll lead us all the way; Em D/F# C2 You brought us safe this far, Em D/F# G D/F# You'll lead us all the way, Em D/F# All the way. Yes, You're the. . .