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Our God Is Great Chords

Dave Bilbrough | average from reviews

Original Key: E

Tempo: 0

Our God is great.
Our God is great.
Our God is great.
B              E
    Our God is great.  [Repeat]

Verse 1:
E                        B           E
He gave us the wind, the sun and the snow, 
                               B            E
The sand on the sea shore, the flowers that grow.
                     B          E
Morning and evening, winter and spring;
Come join all creation and sing.

Our God is. . . 

Verse 2: 
The gifts that He brings
Are new every day,
From glorious sunset
To soft falling rain.
The mist on the hills,
The light and the shade;
Come join all creation in praise.

     G#m                   F#m7
For music and dancing, the sounds that we hear;
    A                      B
For colours and words, the life that we share, we say:
Our God is . . .