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Prestonwood Worship

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Original Key: Bb

Tempo: 98

{Intro} Bb Gm7 Eb Oh, oh, oh, oh Bb Gm7 Eb Oh, oh, oh, oh {Verse 1} Bb Once bound by fear, so lost in sin Gm7 Eb We needed rescue, then You broke in Bb You poured out hope, shattered our doubt Gm7 Eb Became the love we can't live without, oh {Chorus} Bb Eb This, this is our story Gm7 Eb This, this is our song Bb Eb We are praising, praising our Savior Gm7 Eb All the day long, all the day long [Repeat Intro] {Verse 2} Bb We've seen Your power, we've seen You move Gm7 Eb There is no end to what You can do Bb 'Cause we were dead, but, we're now alive Gm7 Eb Saved by the resurrected Christ [Repeat Chorus x2] [Repeat Intro x2] {Bridge} Gm7 Eb Nothing's gonna keep our voices silent Bb/D F Nothing's gonna bind us, we are free Gm7 Eb Nothing's gonna shake these hearts united Bb/D F Nothing's gonna stop our testimony [Repeat Chorus x2] [Repeat Intro x2]