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Outrageous Love Chords

Noel Robinson | average from reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

C    Em    Em    D/F#    D    D    C    Em   Em   D

    G       C                  Em7     D
Outrageous love, You poured outrageous love on me.
    G       C                  Em7      D         C  Em   Em  D/F#  D
Outrageous love, You gave Your life for all to see,
[Chorus repeats from here, not 1.]
                  C   Em    D
Poured Your love on me.

Verse 1:
    Em            C              G         D
The cross stands tall, showing Your great love;
        Em       C             G           D
A sacrifice, so pure, paid for me, so undeserved.
          Em   C              G     D
Love, a mighty ocean, flowing over me;
         Em        C                  G/D    D
Vast, unmeasured, boundless: love has set me free.

Verse 2:
   Em            C              G         D
Redeemed and forgiv'n, I am healed and restored,
                Em       C         G               D
That I would gain such grace so amazed, I stand in awe.
            Em         C               G                 D
Now You're risen, resurrected, seated high on heaven's throne.
             Em           C                   G/D     D
Christ, the hope of this world, Your love has set us free.

C          Em             D/F#           D
  His love is overflowing,     the sound of heaven pouring;
C        Em               D/F#
  Rivers of living water, love overflows, love overflows. [Repeat]


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