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Overwhelmed By Love Chords

Noel Richards | average from reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1.
G   D/F#  C          G
O - ver - whelmed by love, 
C           G
Deeper than oceans, 
C           Em D/F#
High as the heavens.
G   D/F# C  D   G
E - ver  living God.
C             G/D D   G
Your love has rescued me.

G  Am7  G/B  C    G
No one could ever earn Your love, 
Am             Am/G     D/F#    D
Your grace and mercy is free.
G     D/F#  C     D   G
Lord, these words are true, 
C        G/D  D   G  Gsus4    G
So is my love for You.

Verse 2. 
All my sin was laid
On Your dear Son,
Your precious One.
All my debt He paid,
Great is Your love for me.