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Path Of Sorrow Chords

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Intro: Em C D G Em C D G Verse 1: Em C D G Along this path of sorrow, along this winding road C Em D I find myself travelling where sorrow is unknown Em C D G And chaos calls to chaos, below the waterfalls C Em D G And all Your waves crash over me, I'm crushed beneath it all Chorus: G C D G But I know, I know You remain the same Em C D G Even in, even in my wandering. [Oh, I] Repeat] Verse 2: Em C D G Sometimes I often wonder if You ever let me down C Em D Why does it seem I walk alone where trouble finds me out Em C D G But sorrow is my company, I fix my eyes on You C Em D G Soon again I'll praise Your name and feel my soul renewed Verse 3: Em C D G A trav'ler never reaches that sacred place alone C Em D A light to always guide you along the narrow road Em C D G So steadily I keep my stride through ev'ry briar and thorn C Em D G Although my flesh will falter, my hope is in the Lord


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