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Pour Over Me Chords

Stuart Townend

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: D G/B A Your love, shining like the sun, A/C# D Pouring like the rain, G/B A Raging like the storm, A#dim Bm Refreshing me again. Gmaj7 A G/A D G/B A/C# G2/B Ooh, I receive Your love. Verse 2: D G/B A Your grace frees me from the past, A/C# D It purges ev'ry sin, G/B A It purifies my heart A#dim Bm And heals me from within. Gmaj7 A G/A D G/B A G/A Ooh, I receive Your grace. Chorus: D/F# G Pour over me, D/A G/B Pour over me, D/A Bm E/G# A A/G Let Your rain flood this thirsty soul. D/F# G Pour over me D/A G/B Your waves of love, D/A G/B D/A A7sus4 D Pour o - ver me. Verse 3: D G/B A I come and lay my burden down A/C# D Gladly at Your feet, G/B A I'm opening up my heart; A#dim Bm Come make this joy complete. Gmaj7 A G/A D G/B A G/A Ooh, I receive Your peace. [to Chorus]