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Pushing On Chords

Greg Jong | average from reviews

Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Intro (x2):
D   G/D   Gm/D   D

Verse 1:
D           G/D        Gm/D   D
Pushing on, on toward Your goal
D     G/D     Gm/D   D
Your goal for me
D             G/D          Gm/D   D
Christ Ahead, Spirit lead, I'm close
D    G/D     Gm/D  D
I'm close to You

D        A/C#        Bm7
And Your love will shine on
 Asus         C         G/B       Bb     Asus
Through the day, the night, in spite of all I do
D      A/C#         Bm7         Asus
And my hope, my strength, my shield
     C      G/B
Is found in You
          Bb       Asus        D
You've brought me into Your heart

Verse 2:
Born again, Jesus' friend
I know, I know You're here
Life to come with the One I love
I love You Lord