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Redeemer Chords

Tim Hughes | average from reviews

Original Key: F

Tempo: 0

F   Am7   Bb

Verse 1:
F    Am7    Bb
Jesus    Redeemer
F          Am7     Bb
Friend and King to me
      F    Am7    Bb
My refuge     My comfort
          F   Am7     Bb
You're everything to me
         Gm7         Am7       Bb
And this heart is on fire for You
         Gm7         Am7       Bb
Yes this heart is on fire for You

     F                        Dm7
For You alone are wonderful, You alone are counsellor
Gm7          F/A      Bb            Csus
Everlasting Father, mighty in the heavens
  F                      Dm7
Never to forget the love You displayed upon a cross
Gm7           F/A        Bb               Csus        F
Son of God I thank You, Prince of Peace I love Your name

Verse 2:
Saviour, Healer, just and true are You
Now reigning in glory, most high and living God
This heart is in awe of You
Yes this heart is in awe of You