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Rejoice With Trembling Chords

Matt Redman | average from reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Intro (x2):
Bm7b5   E   Am   D/F#

Verse 1:
Bm7b5      E             Am
We could watch You from afar
      D/F#       G
And forever be amazed
        A7/C#        D
At how glorious You are
Bm7b5         E               Am
Yet You've drawn us close to You
            D/F#              G
Where the wonder's greater still
           A7/C#       D      C
And You overwhelm us God

          G            D/F#            Bm7b5
And we rejoice with trembling in our hearts
      C/E            Am7    G/B       C
Bring You a song of reverence and love
   G       D/F#               Bm7b5
Jesus how good how great You are
     C               Am7     G/B  C              G
And we rejoice with trembling    before Your throne

Verse 2:
Bm7b5       E               Am
Who could fully voice the praise
       D/F#             G
Of the God of endless days
         A7/C#            D
Tell a fraction of Your worth
Bm7b5     E          Am
For we only sing in part
        D/F#              G
Of the grace of who You are
        A7/C#            D    C
Just an echo just a glimpse

Inst Section:
G      D/F#      G/F      C