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Ben Cantelon | average from reviews

Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
D                    A
    Defender of this heart,
You loved me from the start,
    You never change.
D                         A
    Through the highs and lows,
As seasons come and go,
You never fail.
Day after day, 
     A              Bm
Your love will remain,
G            D                A
Faithful and true, You are good.

Verse 2:
When troubles come my way,
You guide and You sustain;
Lead me, I pray.
Forever You will be
The great eternal King,
Now and always.
Day after day,
Your love will remain,
Faithful and true, You are good.

           G         D/G        A
You are God with us, You're victorious,
D/G          G         D/G       A
You are strong and mighty to save.
For Your word stands true,
D/G         A
There is none like You,
D/G        G            D/G       A
And when all else fades You remain.    [Repeat]

Em  G   D   A   Em   G   D   A   D