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Rising Chords

Paul Baloche

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Original Key: E

Tempo: 0

Chorus: E(no3rd) From the rising of the sun, Badd4/E 'Till the sun goes down, E(no3rd) Badd4/E Let the name of the Lord be praised. [Repeat] A2 Badd4/A From the sky to the depths, A2 Badd4/A From the east to the west, Bsus4 B Bsus4 B We give You praise. Verse 1: C#m7 E We've gathered to worship, A2 E(no3rd) Becoming a choir to sing Your praise. C#m7 E Lifting our voices, A2 E(no3rd) Joining our hearts in this house today. A Badd4/A People of God, A Badd4/A In the power of God, A Bsus4 For the kingdom of God We sing. Verse 2: We're gathered to go out, To cities and towns we'll take Your name. Into the nations, Shining Your light in the darkest place. People of God, In the power of God, For the kingdom of God We live.