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River Of Peace Chords

Mark Niedzwiedz

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Original Key: A

Tempo: 0

Verse: A Asus4add2 F#m/A Bm/A When afraid, when in doubt, D2/A A D2/A A With no straight path, hope in my heart. Bridge: D Who will lead me home A When I walk alone? F#m Esus4 The darkness shine through, Bm G Esus4 Lord, if not You. Chorus: A Amaj7 This is my prayer: F#m7 C#m7 God, be there. D E/D D When in valleys low, E A Your servant show Dm Bb A river of peace F Bb That's quiet and deep; Bm7(b5) This is my prayer. [1.] Esus4 E A F#m/A A2 D A D A [to Bridge] [2.] A Amaj7 F#m C#m7 D E/D D When in valleys low, A Lord, raise me to Bmb5/A A Bm/A D/A A Where sweet wa - - ters flow.