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Ruler Over All Creation Chords

Kees Kraayenoord

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Original Key: Eb

Tempo: 0

{Verse 1} Eb Ruler over all creation Ab Eb/G Bbsus4 Bb Father of eterni - ty, Eb I will celebrate Your goodness, Ab Eb Bbsus4 Bb Eb Bow before Your ma - jes - ty Cm Bb6 Ab Eb/G Kings and queens will lift Your name Cm Bb6 Ab Eb/G All the nations will proclaim Eb Holy, awesome, three in one Ab Eb/G Bbsus4 Bb Eb Who was and is and is to come {Verse 2} Eb Author of an endless story, Ab Eb/G Bbsus4 Bb You transcend all space and time Eb All the earth declares Your glory Ab Eb Bbsus4 Bb Eb Destined to a fate sublime Cm Bb6 Ab Eb/G Keeper of e - ternal light Cm Bb6 Ab Eb/G You designed the starry night Eb Clouds give way, the heavens sing Ab Eb/G Bbsus4 Bb Eb A song rejoicing in their King {Verse 3} Eb In the pain and through the sorrow Ab Eb/G Bbsus4 Bb In a valley dark as death Eb I know You can hear me calling. Ab Eb Bbsus4 Bb Eb You're the only hope I have Cm Bb6 Ab Eb/G Pick me up when I fall down Cm Bb6 Ab Eb/G Lead me when I lose my ground Eb I don't have to be afraid Ab Eb/G Bb Eb Sheltered in Your love's embrace


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