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Rushing Waters Chords

Dustin Smith

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Original Key: E

Tempo: 140

INTRO A F#m C#m E A F#m C#m E VERSE 1 A F#m C#m E Let us hear the sound of angels singing holy, holy, holy is the Lord A F#m C#m E Let us see the saints and elders gathering in worship 'round Your throne A F#m C#m E There's only one desire in the heart of Your redeemed A F#m C#m B To step deeper in the place where earth and heaven meet CHORUS A E With the sound like rushing waters A C# B We sing blessing honor and praise A E With one voice that rolls like thunder A C#m B Every tongue will now proclaim TURN A C#m B A C#m B Our God reigns, our God Reigns VERSE 2 A F#m C#m E Oh we long to hear the nations declaring You the Lord of everything A F#m C#m E Every king and every ruler throwing down their crowns at Your feet A F#m C#m E All majesty and power on the earth and up above A F#m C#m B Be to the only God who was and is and is to come Repeat CHORUS two times & Repeat TURN as desired Repeat CHORUS & Repeat TURN
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