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Second Chance Chords

Rend Collective

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: D A My future hangs on this: You make preciousness from dust, G D A Please don't stop creating me. D A Your blood offers the chance to rewind to innocence; G D A Reborn, perfect as a child. Chorus: Bm7 G D Oh, Your cross, it changes everything, Bm7 G D A There my world begins again with You. Bm7 G D Oh, Your cross, it's where my hope restarts, Bm7 G D A second chance is Heaven's heart. 1. D A D/F# G D A Verse 2: D A When sin and ugliness collide with redemption's kiss, G D A Beauty awakens by romance. D A Always, inside this mess, I have found forgiveness, D/F# G D A Mercy, as infinite as You. Mid section/Tag D A G D A Countless second chances we've been given at the cross, D A G D A Countless second chances we've been given at the cross. Verse 3: D A Fragments of brokenness salvaged by the art of grace, G D A You craft life from our mistakes. D A Black skies of my regrets outshone by this kindness; G D A New life dawns over my soul.


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