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Send The Rain Chords

Songs From The Soil

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Original Key: A

Tempo: 82

{Intro} D A/C# F#m7 Eadd4 D A/C# F#m7 Eadd4 {Verse 1} D A/C# Lord, we come to You, now with open hands F#m7 Eadd4 Broken lives and dreams washed up on the sand D A/C# We've been beaten down, but still we choose to stand F#m7 Eadd4 We choose to stand {Verse 2} D A/C# Lord, we long for You, for Your hand to move F#m7 Eadd4 Heal this barren land, come and make it new D A/C# Jesus, You're the life that is breaking through F#m7 Eadd4 You're breaking through {Chorus} A Esus4 F#m7 The saints of old in ancient days D They worked the ground that we reap from today A Esus4 F#m7 So use our hands to cultivate D A harvest that our children's children taste Bm7 Esus4 We're ready God so send the rain {Link} A/C# D Eadd4 A/C# D Eadd4 {Verse 3} D A/C# Lord, we'll follow You to unbroken earth F#m7 Eadd4 On the path not used where new hope is birthed D A/C# We will work as one, holding to Your truth F#m7 Eadd4 To Your truth Repeat Chorus: Repeat Link: [x3] {Bridge} F#m E/G# A D Heal the ruined cities, we destroyed with our own hands F#m E/G# A D Bring us back together, let us see the promised land F#m E/G# A D Pour out Your Spirit on this dry and thirsty ground F#m E/G# A D O God of the harvest, could it be right here and now? F#m E D Could it be right here and now? Repeat Chorus: Repeat Link: [x3] {Coda} A D/A A D/A {Tag} A D/A A Open up the heavens, let Your rain fall down F#m E D A We are thirsty, we are thirsty [Repeat as desired] F#m E D A We are thirsty, we are thirsty
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