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The City Harmonic

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: G Burst into new song, Am sing out in wide-eyed wonder: Em look at what He's done C D for you and I and all the earth. G Stained glass and steeples Am from Cairo to California, Em a portrait of people C D painted by the grace of God. Chorus: G Shout! C Strike up the band, shake the ground, G let's shout! D The streets they will ring with the sound, Em let's shout! C There's joy in the noise as we bring Em our praise to the King, D G our praise to the King. Verse 2: G Roar with the ocean, Am cheer with the raging river, Em move with the mountains C D dancing in their jubilee. G We've all been waiting Am for the grand finale: Em creatures, creation D echoing in harmony. Mid section: C D C D Em D/F# Em D/F# G Am G Am D D C D C D Em D/F# Em He saved us from ourselves and then D/F# G Am G Am D He saved us from our sin. C D C D Em D/F# Em He saved the world from end to end, D/F# G Am G D made peace a - gain forever.