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Sing Alleluia Chords

Al Gordon

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: C F/C Heaven sings Your symphony. C F/C We respond in harmony. Am F All around praise resounds: C F/C Alleluia. [to Verse 2] Verse 2: C F/C Come, you stars, you blazing lights, C F/C Lift your voice, burn the night. Am F Mountains bow, oceans roar: [to Chorus] Chorus: C Dm Am F Alleluia, alleluia, we will sing. C Dm Am F Alleluia, we give glory to the King. C C F F C C F F [1.] [to Verse 3] G G Am Am C/E C/E F F [2.] [to Mid section] [3.] Repeat chorus, then End Verse 2: C F/C Every heart, everyone, C F/C Lift your hands, join the song. Am F All adore Christ the Lord: [to Chorus] Mid section: G One day You will come again, Am Every eye will see the King. C/E F We will join the great 'Alleluia!' G No more death and no more pain: Am You will wipe the tears away. C/E Dm C/E Fmaj7 We will join the great 'Alleluia!' Oh. [to Chorus]