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Sing to the Lord Chords

Andy Ferrett, Marc James | average from reviews

Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
D              G                D
   Sing to the Lord for He is good
Give thanks to Him
D                 G                C2
   Tell all the world of all He's done
D                  G               D
   Come lift Your voice to worship Him
Come shout aloud
F#m             G                  Bm7
   Open up you gates, you ancient doors
Let His glory in

D           G
Hallelujah, King forever
Bm7     A          G
All the earth will bow
D               G
God most holy, You're so worthy
Bm7      A          G
We will praise You now

Verse 2:
He is a God of favour, mercy and grace
He reaches out with arms held wide
Who is this King of glory?
He's Lord of all
Open up you gates, you ancient doors
Let His glory in

Em7                  G     Em7                  G
   Let the heavens rejoice,   let the earth be glad
Em7               G           A
   Let the seas resound with praise
Em7               G   Em7                 G
   Let us join as one,   with creation's song
Em7        G              C2
   Lifting up a sound of praise