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Original Key: C

Tempo: 93

Verse 1: Am G/B C You spoke life into existence, F C G Creation designed by Your plan. Am G/B C Beauty is wearing Your features, F C G The traces You left with Your hands. Chorus: F C Am And still, in all Your majesty, You say You care for me, G So much You came to set me free. F C Am And now the longing of my heart is following Your call, G Am G/B C F C G 1. To catch a glimpse of something beautiful. G Am G/B C F C/E G 2. To catch a glimpse of something beautiful. Am G/B C F C/E G Of something beautiful. G F 3. To catch a glimpse of something beautiful. Verse 2: Am G/B C The ways of Your love are unfathomed, F C G The wonders You do are unmatched. Am G/B C And though I may not fully grasp it, F C G I reach out for all that You are. Mid Section: Am G/B C Beautiful affection, F C/E G You have offered up Your life for me. Am G/B C Unrestrained devotion, F C/E G Am G/B C F C/E G F I will shine Your light making way for something beautiful. [Repeat]
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