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Song Of Repentance Chords

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Original Key: Eb

Tempo: 75

Eb   Ebadd2   Eb   Ebadd2 

{Verse 1}
We've fallen short
                             Eb   Ebsus2
We've wandered far from Your ways
Forgive us, O Lord
                          Eb   Ebsus2
We've sinned against Your name

Cm                Cm/Bb
Lord, have mercy, Christ, have mercy

This is a song of repentance
Bbsus4                 Bb
This is a plea to Your heart
          Absus2   Cm7    Bbsus4   Bb   
Would You puri  -  fy us, Lord?
Open Your hand to deliver
Bbsus4                 Bb
Reach down in power to save
             Absus2   Cm7     Bbsus4   Bb   
1.2. You are Ho     -     ly, God [1. to v.2 2. to Bridge]
             Absus2   Cm7     Bbsus4    
3.   You are Ho     -     ly, God [to Coda - Tag]

{Verse 2}
God, keep us close
                        Eb   Ebsus2
Held in Your promise of grace
Come change our hearts
                       Eb   Ebsus2
Restore who we are, we pray

Repeat Pre-Chorus:

Repeat Chorus:

Ab                    Bb
   Now, Almighty One,    all-consuming love
Cm                    Eb/G
   Lord, remember us, make us holy
Ab                         Bb
   For the sake of Christ,    we lay down our lives
Cm                     Eb/G
   O now Church arise, for His glory [Repeat]

Ab   Bb    Cm   Eb/G
Ab   Bb    Cm   Eb/G

Absus2   Cm7   Bbsus4   Bb
Absus2   Cm7   Bbsus4   Bb

{Tag Chorus}
This is a song of revival
    Bbsus4                      Bb
Let holiness flood through this land
          Absus2   Cm7    Bbsus4   Bb   
Would You puri  -  fy us, Lord?
          Absus2   Cm7    Bbsus4   Bb   Eb 
Would You puri  -  fy us, Lord?
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