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Original Key: C

Tempo: 166

{Verse 1} F C With history behind us Am7 Destiny before us C/G Every heart is bowed down F C From the field of battle Am7 Into greater blessing G Nothing left to fear now {Pre-Chorus} F When we don't know what to do What to do C Am7 Our eyes will be fixed on You Gsus4 G Fixed on You {Chorus} C F Stand up, everybody stand up Am7 Come on, lift your eyes up G See the King C F Our God, such a mighty fortress Am7 You are with us, for us Gsus4 G Jesus, our King {Verse 2} F C Moving on, united Am7 We are Your revival C/G Every life is sold out F Dm Running with Your vision Am7 Seeing heaven break in G People of Your presence {Bridge} F G Am Our faith is in You G/B C The battle is Yours G The battle is Yours
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