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Such An Awesome God Chords

The Worship Initiative, Shane & Shane

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Original Key: E

Tempo: 68

{Intro} E B/D# C#m A {Verse 1} E B/D# C#m A You call the sun to rise, You lay it down to rest E B/D# C#m A You hold this heart of mine, You hold my ev'ry breath {Chorus} E Such an awesome God B/D# C#m So mighty, so holy, so wonderful E Such an awesome God B/D# C#m A So selfless, so generous, so faithful You are {Verse 2} E B/D# C#m A Seated in majesty, reigning in holiness E B/D# C#m A The table is set for me, for You are the Living Bread Repeat Chorus: {Bridge} B C#m A E And nothing comes close to the Lord Almighty B C#m A E Nothing as sweet as His love and mercy [x4] {Link} E B/D# C#m A {Verse 3} E B/D# C#m A Jesus, the Son of God, hung on a cross to die E/G# B C#m But not even death itself, could hold You down A For You rose to life Repeat Chorus: [x2] {Outro} E B/D# C#m A
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