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Sweet Communion Chords

Nathan Jess

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Intro: Em7 D C2 Em7 D C2 Chorus: Em7 D C2 Oh, what sweet communion Em7 D C2 Oh, what sweet communion Verse 1: G G/B C2 The bread and wine, the body torn G G/B C2 Through the blood mankind restored Em D G/B C This mystery of love divine Am7 G D God and man as one abide Verse 2: G G/B C2 Though all around the earth gives way G G/B C2 And storms of life would overtake Em D G/B C In busyness of mind and soul Am7 G D You whisper peace, You are shalom Bridge: G/B C G D Come now, and rest a while G/B C G D Where heaven and earth collide G/B C Em D Peace reign and mercy flow C D G Gsus4 G O Breath of heaven, flood my soul