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Take this bread Chords

Sammy Horner | average from reviews

Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

C  F  Am    G    C    F    Am    G

          C                  G
Take this bread, break  it up, 
          C/E            F
Take this wine, fill your cup;
        C             G
It's my body, it's my blood 
            C/E    F    C
Shed for you.

Verse 1:
        F                  C
Lamb of God, my heart will thank You: 
          F                Am
Prince of peace, my refuge be.
G       F                C
  In my weakness, I will praise You, 
                  G            Am
As healing streams wash over me, 
F             C   G
Healing streams    wash over me.
C  F  Am  G   C  F  Am  G

Verse 2: 
Lamb of God, in times of trouble,
I will gladly turn to Thee.
In my pain, oh Man of Sorrows,
Healing streams wash over me,
Healing streams wash over me.