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Taste And See Chords

Here Be Lions | average from reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 72

A   Asus4

{Verse 1}
   I want to feed your faith and starve your fears to death
   I want to be the voice to silence ev'ry threat
F#m7                               A/E
   I want to be your strength when you have nothing left
   And as you breathe me in, you'll find with ev'ry breath

     A                                       D2 
I am ev'rything, ev'rything, ev'rything that you need
     A                                            D2
Just look around and you'll see, only good comes from me
F#m7                            A/E
   Here at the table, you don't have to bring a thing
'Cause I've got ev'rything, ev'rything, ev'rything that you need
          A/C#   D2   F#m7   Esus4     A/C#   D2   F#m7   Esus4
Taste and see                Taste and see

{Verse 2}
   Just take my hand and lose your grip on all control
   You'll walk through valleys, but you'll never walk alone
F#m7                             A/E
   I'll keep my promise, I'll be ev'rywhere you go
   I'm gonna show you kindness like you've never known

Repeat Chorus:

A/C#              D2      
Draw a little bit closer, 
F#m7                 Esus4
Breathe a little bit deeper 
A/C#                   D2      
Come, you'll find your freedom
    F#m7            Esus4
I'm all you'll ever need [Repeat x4]

Repeat Chorus:

Repeat Bridge: [x1]
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