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The Angels Knew Chords

Nick and Becky Drake

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 164

Verse 1: C F/C The angels knew from long ago G/C C That God so loved the world and would not let it go. F/C And prayers of saints across the years G/C C C F/C G/C C Were crying out for a Messiah to appear. Verse 2: C F/C Where can He be, this child of God? G/C C The wise men longed to see who they'd been dreaming of. F/C The star shone out, the angels sang: G/C C The sound of heaven ringing out across the land. C F/C G/C C Gloria, gloria. C F/C G/C C Gloria, gloria. Verse 3: C F Into the night, into the cold, G7 C Onto the stable floor the Son of God was born. Am7 F From heaven's throne to Mary's arms G C The God who made the stars became like one of us. C F G C Christ is born, Christ is born, Am F G C Am F C G Am F C G Christ is born, Christ is born. Verse 4: C F This day of love, this day of grace, G7 C This day when God came to embrace the human race; Am7 F The hope of all, the Light of life, G C The King of glory born to die for you and I. C F G C Jesus, Jesus, Am F G C C Je - sus, Jesus.